We Keep Moving Forward

This complex looking construction will be our exhaust hood. It practically spans the entire length of the studio. Containing and removing heat from the studio is vitally important, and challenging. We are hoping this design will work well. The sheet metal will continue to go on the roof and then on the face, creating a front wall. Spaces will be left open where the glass equipment needs to be accessed. The rust and patina of the sheet metal are gorgeous, showing its age and previous life.

This is one gorgeous marver. The marver is an essential table used to roll and shape the glass in its early stages. All steel, with a polished steel top. This was beautifully assembled by our friend John Steed of Belfast. It pays to know the right people!

Remember that rear wall we started a while back? Not bad, huh? In other words, gorgeous. We have unique hardware for the door handles that will go on soon. Trim will be painted light brown. And a few more finishing details will be completed shortly.

The doors of the reheating chamber have been recast with high-temperature refractory and have been rehung. They will get cleaned up, and painted black, as will the rest of the frame and large barrel. It'll look brand new and be ready to get fired up when we open.

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