Waterfall Arts Glassworks is Taking Shape

Carmi Katsir installs the final edging for the exhaust hood.

The exhaust hood covers the length of the studio, just about. The door off to the left is to the storage room. Wide-angle lens makes the door look like a phone booth, but it is actually a normal-sized door.

Media Day! Carmi seriously contemplates his answers to Chris Battaglia, Marketing Manager of Waterfall Arts, for a future podcast. DownEast magazine was here shortly after that to get details for an upcoming article for their May issue. The word is getting out about this new studio!

Next, we turn to the building of the new Glory Hole, (reheating chamber). It will go in the opening on the right of the exhaust hood. The frame is getting built now by John Steed,of Belfast. The barrel was formed and built by Cox Machine in Searsmont. We now fill the barrel with high-temperature fire bricks and then fiber frax for insulation. Then we build and cast the doors with high-temperature refractory. This glory hole will have a pipe warmer built in to the back end of it, utilizing excess heat to warm the pipes and rods. This will probably take two weeks to finish. Maybe faster, maybe slower.The other glory hole will be retrofitted with a pipe warmer at the back end of it, as well.

The glass furnace will go in the middle opening. We hope to receive that furnace in two to three weeks. It is being built by Canned Heat, out in Washington state. That furnace will require some time given to it for wiring and set up. And then it will be ready to get tested.

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