Trumpets and Confetti

The new Electric Furnace has arrived from Oregon!!

Delivering this unit was like moving the pyramids. Anytime you are using a huge crane to swing a 1,000 pound object onto a front step, having it lowered down a flight of stairs, using a winch to prevent the furnace from sliding uncontrollably down the ramp, there can be a slight risk of mishap. This operation was handled amazingly and creatively well by Belmont Boat Works. Thanks to Dan, Sam, and Nina for their ingenuity, ability and bravery.

The photos and videos pretty much sum the whole thing up. This was absolutely a hard-hat area.

Now the delicate operation of swinging the furnace onto the step.

Lowering it down a ramp that they built, and tying it off onto the winch to control the descent.

Dan decides the furnace needs a little help transitioning to the level floor. He is having a tremendous amount of faith in his equipment.

The furnace is rolled into the studio. Ta-Dah!!!

And is now in its final position in the studio. Next, we will wire it up, over the next few weeks. We are committed now! That furnace is never getting back up those stairs.

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