That Was the Year That Was

As 2021 recedes in the rear view mirror, what an amazing year it has been for all of us here at Waterfall. Arts Glassworks. We closed out the year with a final project by the high school kids here. They’re pretty psyched. This sculptural Magnificence will be presented to the private foundation that donated the funds so this program could exist. This piece, along with a video of its making, and interviews with the students by Chris Battaglia, will presented at a future date.

The guy in the photo, in the blue shirt holding the sculpture, is Brian Frus, our new teaching addition to the studio. What a great situation that is. Brian, his wife, Stephanie, and their two daughters, landed in Ellsworth this fall, moving from Jacksonville, Florida. Brian was the Professor of the Glassblowing Department at Jacksonville University for a bunch of years, like, 14, or something.. (sorry, Brian, I don’t know your resume by heart). He heard about us, came down for a visit, and we quickly lassoed him into teaching. Also, he knows his way around a studio, as we say, and has already fixed and improved many of our initial equipment.

We may be getting another addition of two experienced glassblowers from Alabama in March. So, already, as you can see, this studio is a magnet on a national level. And it will only get stronger, I know it.

As for me, I am making new work! Experimenting, playing, taking advantage of this fabulous studio that is at my disposal. Now that we are running regularly and all the equipment is working, I can turn my energy to Creating. What a relief, and exciting! My intention is to work on sculptures and one-of-a-kind items with a little more complexity. And to take more time with each piece. That is new for me, and I am looking forward to seeing where this leads me. Here are a few items I’ve made recently.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Glass Experiences. Go to and look for the glassblowing info.

That is it for now.

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