Long Overdue Update

You'd think we were busy building a studio or something, with how long it has been since I gave a blog progress report.

Veggie Burner test firing. The Custom-built burners have arrived, and we are figuring out how to get them to burn efficiently and cleanly. We'll get it. They are loud, like a rocket ship, and so sound dampening has been added to our To-Do list.

The first half of our Canned Heat 100-pound Electric Furnace got wired up yesterday. This Control Panel will regulate the megatons of amperage needed to keep the glass hot. It is a beautiful, well-built unit.

It is official.Our name is: Waterfall Arts Glassworks

And there is our sign. Beautifully prepared and installed by Carmi, floating in midair above the hood. Looking pretty impressive, don't you think?

That open, center spot below the hood is where the glass furnace will sit. It gets delivered June 4th.

Our one ton of glass arrived yesterday. It is difficult to find available glass in cullet-form, (similar in shape to ice cubes) but we got ours! We are set for quite a while now. We are going with Oceanside Glass Nuggets, for the price, availability, and same formula as Spectrum 96, which we used previously.

Side note: moving 40, 50-pound bags into the basement may be tiring to your health.

All work and no play..........right!?! That is not good!

So, I want you to know that my baking is moving right along. Baguettes came out very well.

Though, I have to say I still need to work on the uniformity. The middle one looks like it has a slight goiter problem, but the taste was really, really good.

I had no idea I would love baking as much as I do, but it is very similar to glassblowing, and I love that.

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