Life Is Discovered On Mars

No, no, no, it's just me.

The second glory hole (reheating chamber), is underway with the help of John Sage, of Montville. The barrel was rolled by Cox Machine in Searsmont. That white, fluffy stuff between the brick and the metal cylinder is FiberFrax. Nasty stuff. Don't want to breathe that in. This reheating chamber will be a little bit smaller than our other one, for variety. We still have quite a lot to do on this.

Our vertical belt sander is getting a makeover. New paint, new roller stand. Carmi found this beauty on CraigsList, from a wood shop in New Hampshire. The thing weighs a ton.

Our second glassblowing bench is nearing completion. Excellent craftsmanship by premier welder, John Steed, of Belfast. And one of the most amazing paint jobs by....!

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