Is That a Gorgeous Room Divider, or what!?!

No, this isn't a photo shoot from Architectural Digest. This is the new back wall of the glass studio.

The other side of the room will house Belfast's radio station.

We are fortunate to be able to acquire these marvelous, old windows and lumber from the former blueberry cannery in Liberty. Some of the glass panes are so old, they have the distortions resulting from hand-rolled glass. It is very satisfying to be able to re-use these vintage objects, and bring some of the local history into the studio. We knew we wanted to build something other than a regular, plasterboard wall. The doorway will have a 'barn door' made from two, old school doors, that will slide on overhead rollers.


We can see! The first two, of seven LED panels are up. They aren't difficult to install, but, can you say, "Tedious?" Up on ladders, tiny screws, keeping everything square, working with wiring. Only 5 to go.

But, they do give off great light. With LEDs, we can adjust the warmth and brightness. Just with these two installed, you can tell the studio will have bright, even light, which, of course is so important when you are creating.

Several pieces of equipment have been ordered and are coming in. This week we discuss the curriculum with Laura Sheinkopf, the Education Director. We are workin' here!

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