Day 1 of Captivity

Living alone in rural Maine during the Pandemic

Fortunately, I have my doppelgänger

As a creative person, I hope to use these unusual days to the fullest of my potential. Focusing on making art, allowing for introspection, and not going crazy.

Life in Montville, Maine

Never heard of it? Neither has anyone else.I moved here in 2003 with my late wife, to begin a new chapter in our lives. And now, I have to say, I love it here.

I am a glassblower and a cartoonist. Montville is in the midcoast area. About an hour and a half north of Portland, near Belfast and Camden. I am 20 minutes from the coast .

I live in a house built in 1814, on 5 acres of open fields, with 7 apples trees. My house is one of the oldest homes here in Montville. Originally, a farm of 180 acres. And, I am on a dirt road. I don't recommend that to anyone.

I have my glassblowing studio next to my house in a 30x30 sq. foot barn.

It is a pretty sweet studio, if I do say so myself.

That is enough of an introduction for now. I am going to keep these posts nice and short. Besides, my doppelgänger and I have to get more coffee.

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