Who Knew!?!

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Cows love apples. I didn't know that. And they have huge tongues that are slimy and sandpapery! I didn't know that, either.

In feeding the apples to the cows, I was hoping to get them trained to come over to me whenever I showed up. But, I wasn't expecting the slime! And I got slimed.

Cows sweep food out of your hand with their massive tongues.

Of course, I could've just washed my hands. I realize that. But, I dropped the apples on the ground, instead. And, this is where I made another discovery.....cows have blind spots. Well, according to my astute, clinical observations, that is. They have eyes on the sides of their heads, so, directly in front seems to be a dead zone. Consequently, I tossed the apples to their side, so they had an easier time seeing the apple hit the ground, and then their wet, grass-covered nose could zero in on the final location.

I am applying for a Pell Grant to further my extensive research. Test results will be posted here.

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