Coffee with Cows

Well, life is full of changes. In the beginning of October, I sold my house and moved to this rental home in Belfast, Maine. Moved to the big city. Montville is 25 minutes from Belfast, and now I am 3 minutes from the heart of Belfast. YeeHah. Coffee Shops, restaurants, friends, Penobsoct Bay, all right here. I even have high speed internet. Look out! AND, i have the cows. This house is on a farm with about 15 various types of cows. I have all the fun , without any of the responsibility.

So, my new blog will now be called Coffee With Cows. I am moving on from David in Captivity, though it is highly relevant.

Oh, the cows don't drink coffee,by the way, but they are great conversationalists. I will be documenting our conversations in future posts.

Also, I will be discussing my next reincarnation as a glassblower.

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