Blisters and Ibuprofen

Who says glassblowing is all 'bright lights and glamour?' Here I am, scraping vinyl tiles off of the concrete floor in the former fallout shelter/basement of Waterfall Arts, which will be our new glass studio. Carmi, and his friend, Tim, are also enthusiastically scraping.

The space is about 35'x 35'. That is A LOT of tiles. And we are almost done.

Thankfully with YouTube, where you can find a HowTo video on basically every subject, we were able to synthesize our 'technique' from various solutions. The shingle rake provides plenty of Oomph to get under the tiles, once the glue has been softened by heating the water with the flame. A good scrape results in the lifting of an entire tile in one easy motion. The Gold Standard. When that isn't happening, you are jamming the rake against the tiles, repeatedly, in the hopes of chipping away little pieces at a time. Thus, the blisters.

The result, however, will be a smooth, fire-proof floor, ready for the hours of artistry that we will be creating with glass.

Next week, we paint the walls and ceiling a very-clean white. And, as far as I know, that doesn't require a blow torch.

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