And Now For Something Completely Different

Thank you, Monty Python, for that excellent opening line.

I have such good news. Some of you may know that I closed my studio in the beginning of October, after Covid impacted me greatly. I moved to Belfast, and what would I do next? Well, a still, small voice inside me said, 'See if Waterfall Arts would like to start a glassblowing program." I listened to that voice, and, as of yesterday, I can excitedly say that I will be starting a glassblowing program at Waterfall Arts in Belfast! This will be the only glass-education program of its kind in Maine.

Yes, there is the famous Haystack School on Deer Isle that offers glassblowing, but that is just in the summer, and is open to anyone in the country. Our program will be available to anyone in Maine.

Many people are involved, but the one most closely involved with me right now is Carmi Katsir. A glass maker friend from Montville. He and I have been talking with Kim Fleming, the executive director, Tim Conte, the Facilities Manager, and Alan Crichton, the Founder.

This has all worked out so incredibly well

In this blog, I plan to document everything we do. I will be going into greater detail about what programs we will be offering, our equipment, and vision for the future. There will be a lot of physical labor going into this thing, and we will be seeking volunteers to help from time to time. Hint hint.

For example, yesterday, Carmi and I got right into removing the vinyl tiles off of the concrete floor. Talk about fun! I will be showing a step-by-step demonstration of how not to do this, very soon. Stay tuned.

The Before.

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