A Dream Fulfilled. Kind of.

I ate take-out at the farthest-north Chinese restaurant in the United States.

The L1 - Chicken and Broccoli, pork fried rice with egg roll. Very good.

This weekend, I took a jaunt up to Fort Kent, which is in Aroostock County, at the Canadian border with New Brunswick.

I had always wanted to go that far north in Maine, and this weekend was as good a time as any. Eating chinese food in the northern-most Chinese restaurant was not on my list, however.

As I was driving by China Garden, looking for lunch, I decided to stop. I love Chinese food, eat it all the time, and I love trying it new towns.

Broccoli was crunchy, chicken tasty, and as I crunched into the egg roll, I realized that this restaurant sits directly on the St. John River, which is directly on the Canadian Border, and, therefore, there was not another Chinese restaurant north of here. I was very excited.

My friend, Peter Imber, in Camden, with whom I dine regularly with our Chinese take-out, relayed that he had eaten Chinese take-out in the SOUTHERN most chinese restaurant in the U.S. In Key West. I might have to make a trip.

St. John River and Canada. I always expect to see a sign like the HOLLYWOOD sign, and it would say CANADA. There wasn't one.

Where I ate.

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