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Guided Experiences

Who hasn’t wanted to try their hand at glassblowing? It is thrilling!


Assist in making a one-of-a-kind glass tumbler, vase, or other decorative item during your visit. You’ll roll the glass in the color(s) of your choice, blow into the pipe, and help shape your piece. You will experience first hand the thrill of working with molten glass as David helps you create a unique work of art from start to finish.


You will walk away with your own, one-of-a-kind creation. These amazing experiences take roughly an hour per person. And of course, “safety first” and hot-shop etiquette will be emphasized.


Taking reservations for day and night classes seven days a week.

$150 per person​

Contact for group pricing

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)

Unity Wedding Ceremony

Create a unique glass piece that symbolizes the eternal blending of your lives. This tradition of blending sand has been used for thousands of years. Putting a contemporary spin on this sacred tradition, blending colors of glass has become a popular ceremony choice for couples and families joining together today.


With David, you will be chose glass frit colors that you will combine at your wedding or blending family ceremony and send your unique mix so he can handblow your one of a kind symbolic creation. For example, the couple can chose to make a beautiful vase or vessel. If joining families, you might chose to create a cairn to represent every member.

David offers the unique option to be able to come and help create the vessel yourselves. You can stay in David's airbnb and make a romantic getaway. If you are local, just make a 2 hour appt. to create your special bonded gift. 

Custom Rates starting at $295

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)

Custom Gift Making

Experience the excitement of glassblowing at the Jacobson Glass Studio by creating  your own gift with David's help. David will help you design a one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass gift. A decorative bowl, a set of drinking glasses, or a tall vase are just a few of the options. You will choose the item's colors and shape.


So if you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one's birthday, anniversary or any special occassion, this could be your answer!


Come by yourself, with a friend, family or a small group. Make it a party and David will open up his gallery to host a small gathering party.

Prices start at $150 per item.

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)

Family Gatherings

Is your family coming together for a reunion in Maine? David offers a unique lasting experience for those who might want to veer off from the traditional reunion activities. Create an opportunity for lasting bonds with members of your family that you may live all over the world and come together for this one moment in time.

Make an afternoon of it. You are invited to bring food and drink and uses David's studio and backyard as a meeting space for your event.


Glass blowing classes should be capped at 12 participants, but the actual group size can be doubled depending on the time of the year and how many want to blow glass vs being a spectator during your event. 

Contact for group pricing

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)

Team Building

Glassblowing lends itself perfectly to team building. Brainstorming, clear communication, problem solving, working outside of one’s comfort zone, developing trust and learning to rely on others all come into play when making glass. These skills are necessary in so many areas of our lives, especially in the office.


Coworkers will create one or two glass objects. Choices include tumblers, rocks glasses, bowls, ornaments and vases. These one-of-a-kind pieces are theirs to keep. Participants are encouraged to collaborate on pieces by selecting the color(s) and shape, and assisting the glassblower when indicated by the instructor. For an enjoyable experience for all, “safety first” and hot-shop etiquette are emphasized.


Fruit, cheese & crackers and cookies are served. A celebratory glass of wine is offered at the end of class.

Ideal for groups of 3 to 6

Contact for group pricing

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)

Loved Ones Memorials

Losing a loved one is a monumental event in our lives and having the opportunity to honor the ones you lost can help in the healing process.David will work with you to make a special memorial vessel for you and your family to cherish. Ash can be added to Palm Stones or Paperweights. You can also make small keepsakes for all to share in keeping a memory of your loved one.

Work with David virtually and send your loved one ashes to him to create your memorial. You can also visit the studio to create with him. Whether you have recently lost your person or pet or have always wanted to create something for somone who has passed, David will work with you to create a lasting creation for you to keep close to your heart.

This can be a solo journey or a gathering of many. You decide how you want to honor those closest to you and David will help you through the entire process.

Contact for  pricing

(Pickup/delivery of finished pieces the next day will be arranged)

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